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Workshop: (2.) ::: Develop your Iron Shirt and Tao Yin :::
Course leader: Grand-Master Mantak Chia

00000 Computer / Laptop / Handy => zuhause / at home
Topics: Iron Shirt I
Date: 05. - 06.10.2020
Times: 09:00 – 12:00 | Pause/Break | 13:00 – 15:00 Paris Zeit/Time
Course fees:
  1. Courese fee 2-days Online LIVE-Seminar fee 150 €
  2. Courses 1-5 can also be booked together (12 days 650 €)


(2.) 05.-06.10.2020 ::: Develop your Iron Shirt :::  Health through inner strength

Grand Master Mantak Chia has decided not to travel due to worldwide travel restrictions and to hold all his courses online.
All courses will take place Online-LIVE, i.e. Grandmaster Mantak Chia will teach in Thailand at the same time.
You can participate comfortably at home, no travel, no overnight stays, no restaurant visits.
You will receive detailed instructions, Grandmaster Mantak Chia uses the online platform Zoom, all you need is a computer / tablet / cell phone with internet access or WLAN. So far several thousand participants have successfully
made the entrance.
Very pleasing: the course fees are substantially reduced. You can book directly via the link and pay to Thailand by credit card or PapyPal, or transfer to our German account via Tao-Berlin.

Develop your Iron Shirt

Iron Shirt Chi Kung is one of the martial arts aspects of the Universal HEALING TAO System that develops inner strength and a well-conditioned body. Chi is built up and stored through simple techniques. Regular Iron Shirt practice forms a body that is relaxed and open, strong, healthy and structurally connected to the forces of heaven and earth. The 'opening' of the joints is achieved through spiraling stretching and postures.

The Iron Shirt techniques help to root us with the earth while keeping the body centered and balanced. Iron Shirt Chi Kung provides a tool for perfecting our inner self and allows us to reach higher spiritual levels. We use the breath to "wrap" organs, glands, muscles and bones with so much chi that they remain healthy, strong and resistant to premature aging and disease. As a side effect, so to speak, long-lasting tensions dissolve. In addition to abdominal breathing (relax mode) and reverse abdominal breathing (fight or flight mode), we know compression breathing and bone breathing.

However, the actual effect of the iron shirt Chi Kung is to prepare the body for the absorption of higher spiritual energies. The core of Iron Shirt Chi Kung training consists of the compression breathing process and the Iron Shirt positions.

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