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Workshop: cancelled ::: Certification in FUSION 1-2-3 ::: for UHT Certified Instructor - Sessiontraining
Course leader: UHT Senior Instructor Harald Röder and/or UHT Senior Instructor Wolfgang Heuhsen
Kärntener Str. 20
10827 Berlin
Topics: Fusion of the Five Elements I, Fusion of the Five Elements II, Fusion of the Five Elements III
Date: 18. - 20.09.2020
Times: Freitag: 15:30 bis 20:30 Uhr Samstag: 09:30 bis 17:30 Uhr Sonntag: 09:30 bis 17:30 Uhr
Course fees:
  1. Trainee 2,5 days 360 €
  2. Trainees 2,5 days *reduced 280 €



Goal:     FUSION 1 certification

  To reach the level of a 'UHT FUSION  I Instructor', 20 completed FUSION  I Case Study Forms are needed. To train and develop your skills, Grand-Master Mantak Chia wants you to show your FUSION  1 practice for this part of your Inner Alchemy education.
1. Participation in FUSION 1 + 2 + 3  workshop(s) with Grand Master Mantak Chia after becoming a UHT Certified Instructor within the last 5 years. The contents of the fusion practice have developed and changed significantly during this time.
2. Participation in a 2.5 day FUSION 1 certification workshop with Harald Röder and / or Wolfgang Heuhsen.
Depending on the number of course participants, a maximum of 15 of the required 20 'UHT FUSION 1 Case Study Forms' can be worked out in this workshop and the theoretical knowledge deepened practically.
3. The missing FUSION 1 Case Study Forms (required 20) should be worked out by each trainee alone with her/his students and can already be brought to the course or also be submitted later.
  If the required 20 UHT case study forms are available on the last day of the course, the certification in UHT FUSION 1 can be achieved with the successful completion of the course participation.
  For FUSION 2  2.5 days and another 2.5 days for FUSION 3 certification workshops are planned.
  Of course, the FUSION 1,2,3 certifications can be developed as before by individual or group sessions and the 20 'UHT FUSION 1 Case Study Forms' can be proven in this way. We also recommend attending FUSION 1,2,3 Workshop(s) with Grand-Master Chia within the last 5 years.
  For certification, the present 20 'UHT FUSION 1,2,3 Case Study Forms' are evaluated. In the certification interview by a UHT Senior Instructor (about 30 minutes) the understanding of the FUSION 1,2,3 is tested.
  With the certification each trainee receives the 'UHT FUSION 1 Evaluation Form' as proof and for uploading into the own profile of the UHT Instructor-Directory. The examination fee outside the offered course amounts to a maximum of 80 €. For trainees the exam fee is included in the course price.

If you also need a UHT certificate with a gold seal and the signature of Grand Master Mantak Chia, you can order it yourself at the Tao Garden Center for a printing and shipping fee of 30 €.

How to get certified

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