What now?

As you develop and deepen your personal practice of Taoist Inner Alchemy, the question may arise, "What's next?" Once you begin to experience the significant benefits associated with these transformative teachings, there may be a natural desire to share the Universal HEALING TAO with others.
Hundreds of practitioners in Germany have successfully deepened their practice by learning by themselves in workshops with Grandmaster Mantak Chia.
In the spring of 2020 Grandmaster Mantak Chia will come to Berlin like every year and after four years will again offer a 14-day training course with the possibility of becoming a Tao teacher. This ability to be certified by Mantak Chia itself in Europe enables you to improve your practice in an affordable way. We expect a dynamic and intense training that can accelerate your understanding and application of Taoist Inner Alchemy practices in your personal and professional life.
More information about this special Instructor Retreat can be found in our event list.

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong (also Chi Kung) simply means to practice with energy. Chi energy is the indispensable life force in your body.
This life force in you is connected with all things in nature and in the universe. This connection is fluid and interactive. The separations we perceive between "us and the world" are more like a permeable, transparent membrane than a hard wall.
When you practice Qi Gong and work with energy, you discover a whole new source of power for your life. In practice we discover an increased ability to absorb energy, to regulate energy in the body and to move in harmony with this energy. With an activated energy system, you can experience yourself, others, and your environment in a new, vibrant, powerful, and exciting way.
Here at Tao Berlin, we say that Qi Gong gives you the keys to a happy, healthy and long life. To see for yourself how you can benefit from a Qi Gong practice in your life, we have created a guide to help you get started.